The 'We're moving' Whatsapp


Taking the 'We're moving' postcard into the 21st century.

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Dutch bank ABN AMRO provides about 2000 new mortgages each month. Apart from this financial arrangement they wanted to do something extra to add value on a personal level.


When people move they want to notify their friends and family. But sending a physical postcard is quite a hassle and there’s no real alternative for the digital age.


A moving announcement designed for Whatsapp.

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We created a really simple tool in the form of a mobile website. Just fill in your old and your new address and a vertical Streetview timelapse video is generated on the fly. The result can be easily shared with all your friends and family through Whatsapp.


In order to generate the timelapse, over 240 still images were pulled from Google's Streetview API and stitched together automatically for every vertical video.


Over 70% of people reached used the service and rated the tool with a sentiment score of 8.2, scoring far over benchmark. Using WhatsApp as a platform helped amplify reach as people shared the video in their WhatsApp-groups, having the service become an ad on itself. Best of all, instead of being a boring bank that only supplies the money, we found a way to be of service and celebrate a life event for all of our mortgage clients.